About The Belitachi Group


We tackle today's challenges with innovation designed today with a footprint for the future. We challenge ourselves to look beyond the scope of today and deliver the next level of where we have not yet gone moving at an accelerated pace.


We have set out to create something different with a forward thinking twist. From robots to design, software and everything in between, we bring innovation with a spark for the future.


Here, at TBGC, we are always looking for great talent that can think beyond tomorrow and want to shape the future. We are looking for great minds at the forefront of thinking about change and want to be apart of creating future trends.


Inspired by Innovation, our inventions are designed with you in mind. The thoughtfulness in our designs ignites a spark and ambiance that is unparalleled.


Our hashtag, #WeDoIt2, represents all entrepreneurs and startups who have embarked on their journey to start their business. Starting a business is hard and sometimes we don’t know where to go to get the information we are looking for.

#WeDoIt2 – Our Journey to Success is a podcast that shows TBGC’s journey as we implement our inventions. It provides an opportunity to follow the journey of other entrepreneurs alike that have a vision for success. Listen to our challenges and learn what we did to overcome.